Get MOT in London

Man doing MOT test in London

Book your MOT test appointment

Get your MOT test done in our shop. Our garage check MOT for motorcycles for £40 only. We provide MOT Test Certificate from the DVLA if your motorcycle pass the MOT test.

To book an appointment call us now at 0208 2038 003 or send us an email at


Why do a MOT test?

In the UK law, you must do a MOT test and have a MOT certificate every year if your motorcycle have more than 3 years old. It is for make sure your motorcycle respect the minimum security requirement to be driven safely in the UK roads.


What we check during the MOT test?

Handlebars, brake controls, switches, throttle, clutch lever, headbearing, horn, front suspension, rear suspension, steering, front position lamps, headlamps, indicators, front suspension, steering damper (if fitted), brake master cylinder (if fitted), front mudguard, wheels, tyre, front brake, frame, seat, foot rests, rear suspension, final drive, exhaust, fuel system, rear position lamp, stop lamp, indicator, reflector, registration plate, fram, seat, foot rests, final drive, exhaust, fuel system, wheel alignment, headlamp aim.




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